Used ATV Price Guide. Learn the latest ATV prices. (2024)

Find the Most Up to Date Prices for Used ATVs.

Used ATV Price Guide is a handy tool if you want to know current 4wheeler prices. The best place to start your search is with the twomost recognized ATV price guides. The NADA Guide and the Kelly BlueBook.
These are the price guides most ATVdealers rely on. Youshouldtoo. Let's take a look at both and as we do I'll include some tips thatwill help you figure true 4 wheeler values.

NADA Guide - First off, you won'tfind an official Used ATV Price Guide listed. Used ATV prices will befound under the Motorcycles tab. Looking for UTV prices? They're in thesame place.

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After you get to the motorcycle page, just click on the firstletter of the manufacturer's name of the used ATV you're interested in.On the next page, find the full manufacturer's name and then click onthe year model. You will then be taken to a page with all the modelslisted that were sold in that year.

Take a breath, you're almostdone. Now just click on the name of the model you want to see. You willnow be looking at the options page for that model. Click the box nextto any options your dream machine has. And now ... drum roll please,click on the "Get Used Value" button.

Eureka!!! ... All the hardwork has paid off. You now see a page with several used atv priceslisted. And your next question is "What the Hell does all that mean"?OK, let's see what all these different prices reallymean.

You'llsee two pricing columns with the headings Low and Average Retail. Justthink of this as a way to bracket the used atv value. A quad that needssome work should be figured on the low side and one that's pretty muchready to go would be closer to the average price.

Then thereare 3 rows with headings of Base Price, Options, and Total Price. Thebase prices are atv values before any options are added. The Optionsrow will showthe value of all the items you checked in thatstep.It's pretty obvious that the total price is the base price plus thevalue of the listed options.

The ability to itemize options is afeature found only in the NADA Guide. A really useful one inaused ATV price guide. Keep in mind this may be a bigger advantage forthe seller. It allows them to add the value of atv accessories they'veadded like exhaust systems, windshields, etc.

As a buyer, youcould use these values to get a better price. If they're things youdon't want, ask the seller to deduct the cost of the options from hisasking price.

Just below the Total price heading you will see aSuggested List price. This is what the ATV would have sold for new. Ifyou were looking at several used ATVs, it's a good way to compare theoriginal cost of different models. With all the model designationsused, it's hard to keep up with which ones cost what when they were new.

Kelly Blue Book- This is the most popular used ATV price guide. Like the NADA Guide,there is no ATV listing yet. You'll have to look in the motorcyclelistings.

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If you're starting at the Blue Book Home page youmay not see it. Look in the lower left hand corner for a "MotorcycleValues" tab and click on the link.

Or you can click on ourlink and go straight to that page. You will be asked for your zip code atsome point in the process.

Once on the Motorcycle Values page,click on the Motorcycles link. That takes you to a Motorcycles pagewith two options. Trade-in values and Retail values. Let's look atretail value first so click on that link. You should end up on a pagecalled Motorcycle Retail Values with year models back to 1970 listed.

Clickon the appropriate year and you're transported to a page ofManufacturers. Click on the maker of your choice and you go to a pagewith all the models for that year listed. Click on your model and thequest has ended at a page showing the suggested retail value.

The ATV Blue Book price shown represents the average dealerretail asking price for a 4 wheeler in excellent condition in yourregion of the country. My experience has been that Kelly Blue Bookretail prices are very advantageous to the dealer. That's why dealerslike to quote Blue Book prices! Actual selling prices are usually agood bit lower.

On the flip side are the Blue Book trade-invalues. Dealers win here too. If you want to know this price, go backto the Motorcycle page and click on the Trade-In Value link. Follow thesame procedure and you end up at a page showing the trade-in value ofyour selected ATV. You'll notice these values assume "good", notexcellent, condition.

The values shown for trade-ins are usuallylower than what those models would really sell for in the open market.It's really just helps the dealer widen the gap between what he offersfor a trade-in and the retail price he will then ask. There isn'treally anything wrong with this ... it's just business. You just needto know how the game is played.

Used ATV Price Guide - Final Tips.

I don' know if one used ATVprice guide is any better than the other. I really like to look at thenumbers from both since they are not showing exactly the same values.

Itdoesn't matter if you're buying or selling an ATV. A used ATV PriceGuide will help you determine a fair value. Just remember the pricesyou see listed are not cast in concrete. Think of them as a startingpoint and they will help you get a fair deal on your used ATV.

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Used ATV Price Guide. Learn the latest ATV prices. (2024)
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