Monster Hunter Rise Hunting Horn Guide: Basics and Builds (2024)

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Monster Hunter Rise features a plethora of weapons for players to choose from as they tackle various imposing and fearsome monsters on their journey to protect Kamura village. However, some weapons are arguably more complicated than others, with the Hunting Horn providing a variety of supplementary effects for players to take advantage of in Monster Hunter Rise. This guide will break down the basics and provide some suggested builds for players looking to maximize their damage or protect their friends (or randoms) in multiplayer lobbies.

Please keep in mind that this list is subjective and not based on an official or unofficial tier list. If these builds do not work for you, definitely try and seek out that suits your playstyle best!

The Basics of the Monster Hunter Rise Hunting Horn

The Hunting Horn is a unique weapon in Monster Hunter Rise that allows for players to play melodies to enhance their attack, bolster their defense, or even regenerate health over time. Each Hunting Horn will come with its own set of melodies, which can be used to empower not just you, but other players hunting alongside you. You can see what melodies each individual Hunting Horn will come with at either of the blacksmiths.

However, Monster Hunter Rise being a Monster Hunter game, some of the melodies’ effects may not seem very clear cut. For example, the Sonic Barrier melody prevents players from being stunned by roars or tremors, which is invaluable if used correctly. Other helpful melodies include Attack Up, Defense Up, or Attack and Defense Up, Health Regeneration, Stamina Use Reduced, Affinity Up, and Earplugs (which effectively does the same thing as Sonic Barrier, but only applies to monster roars and lasts a bit longer by comparison).

In order to use melodies, players will need to attack using the respective assigned face button. After attacking, you can then use the ZR button to play the melody (or melodies) that you’ve accumulated on your melody bar. This bar can be found below your stamina bar, which is right next to a Hunting Horn icon. The button presses will remain the same between Hunting Horns, with skills being applied to the A, X, and X+A commands. The way you will press these buttons will change depending on whether or not you have the Perform or Echo Weapon Skill selected. Additionally, you can use ZR+X to unleash an attack that will swing the Hunting Horn around while playing the song. This will be important for accumulating hits.

With every hit, the circle next to the Hunting Horn icon beside your melody bar will increase. Once this circle is full and glowing, you can then use the ZR+X while following up with another press of the ZR button while you are still in the attack animation to play an Infernal Melody. The Infernal Melody will slightly increase the attack of all players effected by it for a short period of time.

Early and Late Game Hunting Horn Builds and Suggestions

Since I like to personally live on the edge, some of my Hunting Horn suggestions (especially for the early game) may not be appealing to all players. However, if you don’t mind saving your materials and zenny for High Rank armor and weapons, you may find this list helpful. Both the High Rank and Low Rank suggestions will be separated below. Once again, this Monster Hunter Rise Hunting Horn guide is using suggestions that are entirely subjective.

Low Rank Hunting Horns

  • Kamura Tree – Kamura Chorus
    • Defense Up, Attack Up, Health Recovery (S)

My main piece of advice is to stick with the Kamura Chorus through most of the early game until you can get into some of the later hunts found through the Village or Hub quests. It’s a well rounded horn that serves its purpose and is dependable, if not lacking with a more useful utility skill.

  • Arzuros Tree – Zurogong Primo
    • Attack Up, Defense Up, Sonic Barrier

A really splendid early game horn that provides Sonic Barrier. This skill prevents you and your companions from getting stunned by monster roars. Which can be extremely useful before you can start building armor with the Earplugs passive, or obtain a talisman or decorations to help supplement the skill. Earplugs or Sonic Barrier aren’t necessary when building, but it can be helpful to keep the flow of combat smooth.

  • Barioth Tree – Barigurio
    • Stamina Recovery Up
    • Health Recovery (S)
    • Affinity Up

If you want something that’ll help provide more consistent critical attacks, but still provide something in the way of healing, this Hunting Horn will be what you’ll want to aim for.

  • Magnamalo Tree – Sinister Strum
    • Sonic Barrier
    • Attack and Defense Up
    • Health Regeneration

The king of Hunting Horns, the Sinister Strum is an incredible balance of supportive and offensive supplementary effects. I would suggest picking this up in the early game as soon as possible and carrying it into the endgame through upgrades. While you may need to grit your teeth and fight the Magnamalo for the required parts, it’s more than worth it.

High Rank Hunting Horns

  • Magnamalo Tree – Sinster Shadestrum
    • Sonic Barrier
    • Attack and Defense Up
    • Health Regeneration

Again, arguably one of the best Hunting Horns in the game. It has saved my life and the life of my companions on several occasions with the Health Regeneration ability. It offers a great balance of skills overall.

  • Nargaguca Tree – Hidden Harmonic I & II
    • Stamina Recovery Up
    • Attack Up
    • Affinity Up

An incredible Hunting Horn focused on raw damage and nothing else. If you just want to do loads of damage and aren’t concerned with more “support” focused skills, then build this Hunting Horn immediately. You won’t regret it as the Attack and Affinity up will help you tear through monsters.

Regarding builds, you will want to look out for an armor set that suits your playstyle best. However, you will always want to make sure you have the Horn Maestro skill equipped on your character either through armor, decorations, or talismans. This will increase the performance speed of your songs and shockwave damage. Ultimately, other than that, it all comes down to how you best tackle the hunts in Monster Hunter Rise. Remember that you can always supplement other skills through decorations and talismans as well, which can help bolster the effectiveness of your individual build.

Monster Hunter Rise is immediately available for Nintendo Switch. A PC port will arrive sometime in early 2022.

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Monster Hunter Rise Hunting Horn Guide: Basics and Builds (2024)
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