Monster Hunter Rise Hunting Horn Builds, Moveset, Combos, Melodies, and Tips (2024)

In this Monster Hunter Rise Hunting Horn guide, we will take a look at the new features added to the Hunting Horn and how these features can be used in MHR.

Monster Hunter Rise Hunting Horn

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The Hunting Horn is a peculiar weapon. It is a musical instrument that you can play to hurt the monsters and possibly kill them.

Whenever you make an attack with this horn, it produces a musical note, and if you hit the right notes, it can buff up your teammates, including yourself, while dealing some serious damage to the monster.

The Hunting Horn was present in the previous parts as well, but the revamping of this weapon in Monster Hunter Rise has made it amazing.

Before dealing damage and generating buffs simultaneously was not an option but this time it is made possible, which converted this weapon from slow as a snail to the flash.

Hunting Horn Basic Attacks

Below, we’ve listed down the basic attacks that you need to learn how to perform with the Hunting Horn. The table below shows the button mappings for both Switch and PC of these basic attacks.

AttackSwitch ControlsPC Controls
Left SwingXLeft Click
Right SwingARight Click
Backward StrikeX + ALeft Click + Right Click
Magnificent TriozR + XMB4 + Left Click
Slide Beat (Silkbind Attack)zL + XMiddle Click + Right Click
Earthshaker (Silkbind Attack)zL + AMiddle Click + Right Click

Suggested Hunting Horn Combos

To perform the best combos with the Hunting Horn, follow the control combinations listed below:

ComboSwitch ControlsPC Controls
Stationary ComboA > X > X > Left Stick + BRight Click > Left Click > Right Click > Directional Button (WASD) + Space
Forward-Moving ComboLeft Stick + X > X + A > A > X + AA or D + Left Click > Left Click + Right Click > Right Click > Left Click + Right Click
Magnificent Trio ComboA > X > X + A > zR + XRight Click + Left Click + Left Click + Right Click + MB4 + Left Click
Highpower Combo (For stunned enemies)Left Stick + X > A > X + A > zR > zR + XDirectional Button + Left Click > Right Click > Left Click + Right Click > MB4 > MB4 + Left Click
Fastest Combo to reach Magnificent TrioLeft Stick + X > A > X + A > zR + XDirectional Button + Left Click > Right Click > Left Click + Right Click > MB4 + Left Click

How to Use Hunting Horn Switch Skills

In Monster Hunter Rise, the unique attacks of each weapon have two different skills, named Switch Skills. These two skills perform completely different moves and inflict their own unique debuffs and effects on the target.

You can only have one Switch Skill active on an attack at a time. The Switch Skills of the Hunting Horn are listed below:

Original SkillSwitch SkillSwitch ControlsPC Controls
Overhead SmashMelodic SlapzRMB4
Melody Mode: PerformanceMelody Mode: EchozRMB4
EarthshakerBead of ResonancezL + AMiddle Click + Right Click
Slide BeatSilkbind ShockwavezL + X
EarthshakerSonic BloomzL + A
Crush Attack ComboSwing ComboPress X> Press A>Use L

Hunting Horn Silkbind Attacks

The Hunting Horn has three unique Silkbind Attacks:

Slide Beat

Slide Beat launches the player forward into a spin attack. This attack gives you a stat boost and makes you immune to knockback while you’re in motion.

Keys: Switch = zL + X | PC = Middle Click + Left Click


Earthshaker fuses the Ironsilk with a blade and plunges it into a monster. After that, the horn emits sonic waves which directly hit the affected body part of the monster, inflicting more damage.

Keys: Switch = zL + A | PC = Middle Click + Right Click

Bead of Resonance

This Silkbind Attack is a Switch Skill that can be switched out with Earthshaker.

Bead of Resonance places a Wirebug cocoon on the ground which plays the same melodies that the Hunter plays using the horn, and also emits a sonic wave which deals damage to monsters nearby.

The melodies played by the cocoon also emit the same effects as the melodies coming from the horn.

This cocoon can be used to use the melody effects over a much longer distance, allowing you to help your team while staying away from immediate danger.

Keys: Switch = zL + A | PC = Middle Click + Left Click

Silkbind Shockwave

An attack used for folding you inside an Ironsilk. If there’s any attack caused, the Ironsilk will start vibrating and will deal damage through a delayed shockwave that it creates to trigger extra hits.

Hunting Horn Melodies

Since the Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 update, the melody system in the game has been changed. You can only play three notes in total with a single Hunting Horn.

The reason for this is to encourage players to create different Hunting Horn builds for different situations.

The melodies that you can play using the Hunting Horn are listed in the table below:

Self-ImprovementIncreases movement speed and stops your attacks from being deflected for a short amount of time.
Attack UpIncreases attack by ~10% for a short amount of time.
Defense UpIncreases defense by ~10% for a short amount of time.
Health Recovery (S)Regenerates a small amount of HP.
Infernal MelodyTemporarily increases attack by 20%.

Best Monster Hunter Rise Hunting Horn Builds

To make the most out of your Hunting Horn, you need to create the right build for it. Below, we’ve listed down the best Hunting Horn build for each quest level.

Best Hunting Horn Build for 2 Star Quests

This Hunting Horn build will work perfectly for 2 Star Quests.


  • Weapon: Kamura Chorus II
  • Head: Izuchi Helm
  • Chest: Hunter’s Mail
  • Arms: Alloy Vambraces
  • Waist: Alloy Coil
  • Legs: Baggi Greaves

Stat Distribution

  • Defense: 44
  • Fire: -4
  • Water: -2
  • Thunder: -5
  • Ice: 0
  • Dragon: 1
  • Attack Boost Lvl 2
  • Critical Eye Lvl 3
  • Focus Lvl 1

Best Hunting Horn Build for 4 Star Quests

This Hunting Horn build will work perfectly for 4 Star Quests in MH Rise.


  • Weapon: Zurogong Primo II
  • Head: Rathian Helm
  • Chest: Kulu-Ya-Ku Mail
  • Arms: Kulu-Ya-Ku Braces
  • Waist: Basarios Coil
  • Legs: Kadachi Greaves

Stat Distribution

  • Defense: 102
  • Fire: 3
  • Water: -11
  • Thunder: -2
  • Ice: 3
  • Dragon: -6
  • Bright Resistance Lvl 1
  • Constitution Lvl 1
  • Critical Eye Lvl 1
  • Defense Boost Lvl 1
  • Horn Maestro Lvl 1
  • Slugger Lvl 1
  • Speed Sharpening Lvl 1

Best Hunting Horn Build for 5 Star Quests

This Hunting Horn build for MH Rise will work perfectly for 5 Star Quests.


  • Weapon: Frog Flute
  • Head: Izuchi Helm S
  • Chest: Kulu-Ya-Ku Mail S
  • Arms: Kulu-Ya-Ku Braces S
  • Waist: Baggi Coil S
  • Legs: Baggi Greaves S

Stat Distribution

  • Defense: 185
  • Fire: -6
  • Water: -9
  • Thunder: -4
  • Ice: 6
  • Dragon: 2
  • Attack Boost: Lvl 3
  • Critical Eye Lvl 1
  • Horn Maestro Lvl 1
  • Sleep Resistance Lvl 1
  • Slugger Lvl 3
  • Stamina Thief Lvl 2

Best Hunting Horn Build for Endgame Quests

This Hunting Horn build will work perfectly for Endgame Quests.


  • Weapon: Sinister Shadestrum
  • Head: Utsushi Mask (H) S
  • Chest: Kulu-Ya-Ku Mail (H) S
  • Arms: Anja Vambraces S
  • Waist: Rathalos Coil S
  • Legs: Ingot Greaves S

Stat Distribution

  • Defense: 253
  • Fire: 8
  • Water: -6
  • Thunder: 2
  • Ice: 1
  • Dragon: -3
  • Critical Eye Lvl 2
  • Horn Maestro Lvl 1
  • Razor Sharp Lvl 1
  • Slugger Lvl 3
  • Spare Shot Lvl 2
  • Windproof Lvl 1
  • Wirebug Whisperer Lvl 1

Best Hunting Horns in MH Rise

MH Rise has a very large catalog of Hunting Horns for players to choose from. Each of these horns has its own unique pros and cons, making it difficult to pick out the best ones.

To help you out with finding out which Hunting Horns are the best, below we’ve listed down the top 5 best Hunting Horns in Monster Hunter Rise.

Rampage Agitato V

Since the Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 update, the Rampage Agitato V Hunting Horn has arguably become the best Hunting Horn in the game.

When evolved to its maximum potential, the Rampage Agitato V has an incredible raw damage output. The durability of the weapon is decent, but it can easily be improved using Sharpness Type I.

This will allow it to easily reach White Sharpness with Handicraft, which will then give it a massive damage boost.

Out of the four melody sets, the best one to use with Rampage Agitato V is Health Recovery (L). This melody will give you and your team instant healing, which you can synergize with Bead of Resonance to make your team practically unkillable; while also further increasing damage.

Hidden Harmonic II

The next best Hunting Horn has to be the Hidden Harmonic II. This horn has White Sharpness by default, which is an incredible feature to have.

And as it is a Nargacuga weapon, it’ll have very high Affinity (40%) intrinsically. If you pair Maximum Might with the Stamina Recovery Up melody, you can maintain an extra 30% Affinity with the Hidden Harmonic II.

Another great thing about this weapon is its Attack Up and Affinity Up songs. These stat boots are now very scarce in the game, so they’re very useful to have.

Bazelreid Rookslayer

The Bazelreid Rookslayer is practically the same as the Rampage Hunting Horn, just a little bit weaker. The only difference between the Bazelreid Rookslayer and the Rampage Hunting Horn is that the Rookslayer gets an Attack Up Song coupled with Health Recovery (L).

This can come in super handy when you don’t have Bead of Resonance or access to any Wirebugs.


The Araknahorn has White Sharpness by default which can then be extended by Master’s Touch, Razor Sharp, Protective Polish or Handicraft. The raw damage of the Araknahorn is pretty underwhelming, but this horn is very effective against enemies that are weak to fire.

To boost its elemental damage further, you can use elemental decorations in its two level 1 slots and then use the level 2 slot for boosting raw damage.

One good feature about this horn is that it is a Rakna-Kadaki horn. This means that it is very easy to construct and is incredibly versatile, allowing players to use it for all kinds of playstyles.

Despite its low raw damage, these features of the horn still make it one of the best Hunting Horns in the game.

Sinister Shadestrum

Finally, the fifth-best Hunting Horn in the game is the Sinister Shadestrum. This horn has some great stats and slots and also has an amazing signature Magnamalo Soul Skill that provides you with a crazy buff when you’re effected by Hellfireblight.

This skill then synergizes with the Resuscitate skill to deal very large bursts of damage. Another good feature about this horn is that it can get White Sharpness through Handicraft.

The only con of the Sinister Shadestrum is that it needs to have very intricate builds to reach its highest potential. If you enjoy diving deep into your builds and making them as perfect as possible, then this horn will work for you.

If you’re more casual with your build and don’t like spending great amounts of time perfecting builds, then you should go with the other options on this list.

Hunting Horn Weapon Trees

In this section, we’ve listed down all of the Hunting Horns available under every tree node of MH Rise.

Hunting Horn Kamura Tree

  • Kamura Tree
  • Kamura Chorus
  • Kamura Ninja Horn
  • Poetic Bell
  • Summoning Bell
  • Sublime Bell
  • Araknahorn
  • Basarios Rock
  • Gigant Rock
  • Usurper’s Growl
  • Despot’s Thunderclap
  • Zurogong Primo
  • Zurogong Secundo
  • Striped Dragonga
  • Tigrex Horn
  • Bariguiro
  • Algiguiro
  • Frilled Flute
  • Illusory Flute

Hunting Horn Ore Tree

  • Iron Horn
  • Wind Horn
  • Metal Bagpipe
  • Great Bagpipe
  • Heavy Bagpipe
  • Fortissimo
  • Hidden Harmonic
  • Cry in the Night
  • Pukei Bagpipe
  • Datara Lurr
  • Flammenkornett
  • Forte Flammenkornett
  • Valkyrie Chordmaker
  • Queen Chordmaker
  • Sandpipe
  • Sandcrier
  • Frog Flute
  • Amphibia Allargando
  • Wind Thief Horn
  • Gale Horn
  • Droth Drone
  • Droth Roar

Hunting Horn Bone Tree

  • Bone Horn
  • Hardened Bone Horn
  • Hunter’s Horn
  • Native’s Horn
  • Duo Horn
  • Duo Risoluto
  • Bull Grunt
  • Wild Grunt
  • Flame Feroce
  • Rathalos Feroce
  • Kulu Mosso
  • Kulu Grosso
  • Khezu Horn
  • Khezu Flute

Bnahabra Tree

  • Vicello Nulo
  • Vicello Unu
  • Vicello Nulo Black
  • Vicello Uno Black
  • Vicello Nulo Green
  • Vicello Uno Green
  • Vicello Nulo White
  • Vicello Uno White

Magnamalo Tree

  • Sinister Strum
  • Sinister Shadestrum

Rajang Tree

  • Denden Daiko
  • Denden Doomsounder

Ibushi Tree

  • Azure Elder Horn
  • Abyssal Gale Horn

Narwa Tree

  • Thunderbolt Horn
  • Abyssal Storm Horn

Bazelgeuse Tree

  • Rookslayer Drum
  • Bazelreid Rookslayer

Kushala Daora Tree

  • Daora’s Taus
  • Daora’s Baphophone

Teostra Tree

  • Teostra’s Tiple
  • Teostra’s Orphee

Chameleos Tree

  • Blessed Ocarina
  • Cursed Ocarina

Valstrax Tree

  • Redwing Flute
  • Reddnaught Ritmico

Chaos Tree

  • Poison Fungasax
  • Toxic Fungasax

Magia Tree

  • Magia Charm
  • Magia Charmbell

Spio Tree

  • Cornupion
  • Webbed Cornupion

Bombadgy Tree

  • Grass Flute
  • Bombadgy’s Cry

Rampage Tree

  • Rampage Agitato
  • Rampage Agitato S

Hunting Horn Tips

Although there are many benefits of hunting horn, there are some disadvantages as well. Let’s take a look:


  • Doing melodies has been made easy.
  • Buffs help out both your team and you.
  • Can cause more damage now.
  • Have the ability to Stun.
  • All Silkbind attacks carry great strength.
  • Great evasion and performance moves


  • It is a little slow to use.
  • You are vulnerable while trying to apply long combos.
  • You need to repeatedly use performance abilities
Monster Hunter Rise Hunting Horn Builds, Moveset, Combos, Melodies, and Tips (2024)
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