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The new Yak Track is here, and this time we’re off to the land of the dragon riders…

Yak Track: Journey to Iaia is coming on May 30th! Our second Yak Track of the year will take you to the mystical land of Iaia, with lots of fun tasks to complete for some truly radiant rewards! Bonuses this time include:

  • An awesome new theme with spectacular prizes inspired by Iaia!
  • Lots of lovely, lore-rich tasks to complete.
  • More time on the Track, with eight whole weeks to finish your tasks.

Sounds good, right? But how does it work? Let's unpack the Track...

Introducing Yak Track: Journey to Iaia

Yak Track is a regular event where you can earn rewards by completing tasks across Gielinor. Like last time, we’re giving you a generous 56 days on the Track – Journey to Iaia runs from May 30th to July 24th 2022.

Scroll down to check out our spectacular rewards! But first, let's talk about tasks.

Tasks and Task Skips

There are 50 tasks available, testing all sorts of different skills, from cooking to killing monsters. There are rewards for each task, but don't worry if you don’t fancy completing one – you can always use a Task Skip.

You'll need to purchase Task Skip Tokens from the event interface using Bonds. It costs 1 Bond for four Tokens, or 2 Bonds for 10.

And if you have any Task Skips left over at the end of the event, you can always save them for the next Yak Track later in the year!

'Earn Your Way'

As well as Task Skips, you can also take the 'Skill and Kill' option, which means you can complete a task just by playing normally - i.e. earning XP or killing enemies. This way, you're making progress on the Track and earning your rewards just by getting on with your usual activities! You’ll have this option for every single one of the 50 tasks, although do note that your progress will be somewhat slower than on the standard tasks.

Rewards and Premium Rewards

Rewards include cosmetics, pets and useful items which you’d normally obtain from Treasure Hunter (Lamps, Protean Packs, Oddments for Ironman players, etc).

Some of the rewards this time are totally new to Yak Track, such as the Band of Iaia transmog ring, and even our first ever visual override for the Sunshine ability!

There are two prize tracks – the free track (available for free-to-play players and regular RuneScape members) and Premium (available only to Premier Members or Premier Pass holders). The latter gives you prizes from both tracks, so it's well worth picking up a Pass!

You can unlock the Premium Track by having an active Premier membership, or by buying a Premier Pass for 2 Bonds in the event interface. And remember – if you start completing tasks and then gain a Premier Pass later, all of the extra rewards you would have earned will automatically unlock for you!

Ironman accounts can get cosmetic rewards and Oddments but nothing that boosts XP, of course.

Note that all weapons and armour from Yak Tracks are cosmetic overrides. To claim your rewards, you must have enough space in your Backpack!

Introducing Yak Track: Journey to Iaia - News - RuneScape - RuneScape (1)

So, without further ado - let's see what you can get!

Task SetMember Rewards
1Tool Override: Pondkeeper's Pole
+5% XP Boost
2Weapon - Ilujankan Traveller's Wand
Medium Bonus XP Star
32 Small Dwarven ToolboxesWeapon - Ilujankan Traveller's Scroll
4Medium Bonus XP StarMedium XP Lamp
5Medium Celebration Lamp
Medium Cash Bag
6Small Protean Pack2 Protean Powerups
7Medium Bonus XP StarMedium XP Lamp
83 Pulse CoresAnimation: Hot Spring Soak Rest
92 Combat Training DummiesMedium Skilling Dummy crate
10Pet: Silun the Bird of Paradise
Medium XP Lamp
11Weapon: Ilujankan Fighter's Spear
Medium Cash Bag
12Medium Bonus XP StarMedium XP Lamp
13Medium Protean PackMedium Celebration Lamp
14Medium XP Lamp
Medium Bonus XP Star
Medium XP Lamp
15Outfit: Ilujankan Traveller's Outfit
Large Bonus XP Star
16Medium XP LampWeapon: Ilujankan Fighter's Maul
17Large Protean Pack
2 Small Dwarven Toolboxes
1850 Silverhawk Feathers3 Pulse Cores
+5% XP Boost
19Medium XP LampLarge Bonus XP Star
20Tool Override: Craftmaster's Fletching Knife
Large XP Lamp
21Large Bonus XP StarLarge Celebration Lamp
222 Easy Clue ScrollsMedium Protean Pack
23Large XP LampWeapon: Ilujankan Fighter's Cleaver
24Medium Cash BagMedium Portable Skilling Pack
25Pet: Morena the Glowlight Beetle
+5% XP Boost
26Large Bonus XP StarLarge XP Lamp
27Weapon: Ilujankan Traveller's Staff
Large Cash Bag
284 Pulse CoresLarge XP Lamp
295 Combat DummiesMedium Skilling Dummy Crate

Large Bonus XP Star

30Huge XP Lamp3 Advanced Pulse Cores

Large Dwarven Toolbox

31Large XP Lamp
Large Bonus XP Star
Large XP Lamp
Large Bonus XP Star
32Weapon: Ilujankan Fighter's Scimitar
2 Hard Clue Scrolls
33Large XP LampHuge XP Lamp
34Large Protean PackHuge Bonus XP Star
35Huge Bonus XP StarTool Override: Plantkeeper's Vial
Huge XP Lamp
36Pet: Ilu the Bird of Paradise5 Protean Powerups
37Large Cash BagSunshine Ability Override: Iaian Sunset

5 Pulse Cores

38Huge Bonus XP StarWeapon: Ilujankan Traveller's Chakram

Huge XP Lamp

395 Combat DummiesHuge XP Lamp
40Huge Celebration Lamp
2 Small Knowledge Bombs
Progress Booster for the next Yak track
41Title: Gurh Herder
Huge Bonus XP Star
42Large Cash BagLarge Skilling Dummy Crate
Huge XP Lamp
43Large Protean PackPet: Akash the Bird of Paradise

5 Protean Powerups

44Huge XP LampHuge Bonus XP Star
452 Large Dwarven ToolboxesOutfit: Ilujankan Fighter's Outfit
2x Huge Bonus XP Star
46Extra: Band of Iaia Transmog Ring2x Huge XP Lamps

+5% XP Boost

478 Pulse CoresWeapon: Ilujankan Fighter's Claws

Large Skilling Dummy crate

482 Elite Clue Scrolls2 Deathtouched darts
49Weapon: Ilujankan Traveller's Bow
3 Small knowledge bombs
502 Huge Bonus XP Star
Pet: George the Gurh
2 Huge XP Lamps

- The RuneScape Team

Introducing Yak Track: Journey to Iaia  - News - RuneScape - RuneScape (2024)
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