How Do I Use Kelley Blue Book To Determine The Value Of An ATV? - Kelley Automotive (2024)

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How Do I Use Kelley Blue Book To Determine The Value Of An ATV? - Kelley Automotive (1)

Determining fair market value for any vehicle, including ATVs, can be tricky. Many factors impact the market value, including location, condition, make and model. Fortunately, several guides exist (online and in bookstores and auto stores) that can help determine the fair market value of an ATV.

Kelley Blue Book

Quite possibly the most popular and most cited vehicle reference manual available, the Kelley Blue Book lists the value of ATVs—you just have to look under the “Motorcycle” heading (ATVs don’t have their own heading mainly because they’re too small a category on their own). Simply locate the make, then model, then year. Kelley Blue Book is extensive: You can find prices for many different ATV brands including Suzuki, Polaris, Trail Blazer and many more. These prices are available and organized as trade-in values or suggested retail values.

As an industry leader, Kelley Blue Book has been the “go-to” guide for pricing trucks and automobiles for a long time. Kelley Blue Book expanded as the vehicle market expanded, and now includes a wealth of information and resources regarding motorcycles and ATVs. It is very easy to find pricing for a used ATV for trade-in, private sale or purchase on Kelley Blue Book.
Before you visit Kelley Blue Book (, make sure you know the make, model and year of the ATV you want to purchase or sell. Kelley Blue Book places ATVs and motorcycles within the same category, and so having these details (make, model and year of the ATV) will make the process less confusing for you.

Next, decide if you want to work out the retail or trade-in value of an ATV. Knowing the trade-in value will be useful if you are looking to replace your ATV and purchase another from a dealer. The retail value is helpful if you want to know how much dealers are selling similar ATVs for.

The Process – Step By Step

  1. Visit Kelley Blue Book (
  2. You will arrive at a page titled “Get a Motorcycle Value.” (You can also use the “Motorcycle Store” link on the right side of the page if you want to find an ATV or ATV parts dealer).
  3. You can select an ATV by either category or by make.
  4. Once you have made a selection, you will be prompted to insert your zip code.
  5. You will then be presented with available ATV makes within your zip code.
  6. For example, if a Honda ATV make is available in your area, you can select it.
  7. You will then be asked to select the desired year of the ATV.
  8. Kelley Blue Book will then show you the available ATV, which you can then select.
  9. You will then be presented with the option to see either the trade-in or retail value of the selected ATV.

Factors To Consider

The value provided is the representative price of the vehicle. This valuation does not include extra equipment and mileage. However, you can check out the average mileage for ATVs around the same age as your selection. Do this by clicking the “Mileage/Condition” link. There is also an “Additional Equipment” link that will provide you with an estimate as to the value of your ATV when extra features are added.

A used ATV’s value will be influenced by its make, model, year, mileage and optional equipment. Value will also be dictated by current market demand and vehicle condition. The method in which the ATV is sold will also influence its value. New models or makes with bigger engines will usually command higher value. Similarly, mileage can be an influential factor. Kelley Blue Book has a mileage reference chart to show the average mileage for ATVs around the same age as your selection.
Remember, when searching for ATVs, use the “Motorcycles” section (

Equipment including engine guards, exhaust headers, custom paint, towing trailers will all have a positive impact on pricing. You can check out how much value these equipment and extra options will add to an ATV by reviewing the chart available on Kelley Blue Book. Finally, as you may expect, market demand will affect value. Sellers should cross-check the values on Kelly Blue Book with those in other locations, including in classified advertisem*nts.

Kelley Blue Book is a fantastic resource if you’re looking to buy or sell an ATV. Make the most of this resource and you will increase your chances of getting the best price for your ATV!

How Do I Use Kelley Blue Book To Determine The Value Of An ATV? - Kelley Automotive (2024)
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