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You might be wondering on why you are having a hard time defeating a particular opponent, or why you get easily slain even after upgrading your stats and attributes. My friend, one possible reason is that you have the wrong choice of armor. Maybe the armor that you have equipped is not suitable to your playstyle.

There are so many things that must be considered in choosing your armor. This will greatly benefit you in making your goal possible and making you feel like the strongest barbarian in Conan Exiles 3.0.

In this guide, we will help you choose the best armors in Conan Exiles. This might greatly help you in your game progress, so you better give this a shot.

Best Armor for Every Stat in Conan Exiles

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This guide will cover all the best vanilla armors that you can see in Conan Exiles in boosting one specific stat that you want to improve. The class of the armor will also be tackled, namely the heavy, medium, and light armors.

Strength Weapon Damage Stat

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That first stat that we would like to stress is the strength weapon damage stat. For this particular stat, the best heavy armor should be comprised of Redeemed Legion Helmet, Voidforged Dragon Ribs, Godbreaker Grips, Champion’s Leggings, and Hyperborean Slaver Boots.

On the other hand, you can also opt to choose from the medium armors. In this case, you would want to pick the following set: Helm of the Brute, Voidforged Dragonbone Tunic, Silent Legion Medium Gauntlets, Kambujan Shaman Wrap, and the Kambujan Shaman Boots.

Moreover, the light armors can also be an option if you want some boosts for this stat. Pick the God Eye, Silent Legion Light Pauldron, Darfari Skin Bracers, Darfari Skin Skirt, and Darfari Skin Greaves.

Best Armor for Health Stat

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The next important stat that you highly need in combat is your health stat. To boost this stat, these are the armor line up that you must have. Voidforged Fragon Helmet, Barachan Reiver Buff Coat, Voidforged Dragonbone Bracers, Cimmerian Steel Tasset, and Voidforged Dragon Boots.

For the medium armor boost for this one, you should pick the following armors: Helm of Sobek, Commander’s Chestplate, Gauntlets of Sobek, Tasset of Sobek, and Boots of Sobek.

Lastly, you can pick these pieces from light armor if you would want. Silent Legion Light Helmet, Chestguard of Asura, Voidforged Dragonhide Bracers, Vermin Hide Pants, and the Vermin Hide Boots.

Once you equip this set of armor, it is guaranteed that you can stay longer on battlegrounds.

Weight Capacity Stat

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For this specific category, you will also be needing a heavy set of armors. These are the Heavy Helmet, Heavy Pauldron, Heavy Gauntlets, Heavy Tasset, and the War Mammoth Boots.

Just from looking at the names of the armors, you can already convince yourself with a weight capacity buff that it will give your character once equipped.

These armors also have a counterpart in the medium armor category. These are Medium Cap, Medium Harness, Medium Gauntlet, Medium Tasset, and Silent Legion Medium Boots.

Light armor set is also an option for this one. These are the armors that you must equip: Light Turban, light Chestpiece, Silent Legion Light Gauntlet, Light Wrap, and Light Boots.

Agility-Weapon Damage Stat

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In this specific stat, we are still in the heavy class armors. The best options here to improve this are the Stygian Soldier Helm, Stygian Soldier Mail, Stygian Soldier Bracers, Godbreaker Leggings, and Stygian Soldier Sandals.

For the medium armor category, you can also choose this set as an alternative. Skelos Cultist Master’s Hood, Silent Legion Medium Pauldron, Skelos Cultist Master’s Handwraps, Skelos Cultist Master’s Skirt, and the Skelos Cultist Master’s Shoes. Equipping this set actually gives you a double boost. Aside from agility-weapon damage stat, it also gives buff to your follower damage.

This one can also be increased by using light armors such as Black Corsair Bandana, Black Corsair Chestguard, Black Corsair Gauntlets, Silent Legion Tasset, and Black Corsair Boots.

Follower Damage Stat

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Aside from your character, there is also a specific heavy armor set that can help you boost the damage of your follower. With that, you will need the following line up: Hyrkanian Raider Helm, Hyrkanian Raider Brigandine, Hyrkanian Raider Gauntlets, Hyrkanian Raider Tasset, and Hyrkanian Raider Boots.

If you would want a medium armor for this one, you can choose the Skelos Cultist Master’s Hood, Skelos Cultist Master’s Robe, Skelos Cultist Master’s Handwraps, Skelos Cultist Master’s Skirt, and Skelos Cultist Master’s Shoes.

The light armor set is also present here. You can use the Yoggite Watcher Mask, Yoggite Skin Chestpiece, Yoggite Skin Bracers, Yoggite Skin Skirt, and Yoggite Skin Greaves.

With this, you will not get tired of getting stuck in a battle because you have your follower with you with a damage boost.

Stamina Bonus Stat

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The last attribute that we can improve using a set of heavy armors is your stamina. To boost your stamina in game, you are going to need the Godbreaker Helmet, Vanir Heavy Pauldron, Champion’s Gauntlet, Redeemed Legion Tasset, and the Champion’s Boots.

For the medium category armors, you can choose Silent Legion Medium Helmet, Pride of Aesir Chestpiece, Gauntlets of the Brute, Voidforged Dragonbone Kilt, and the Reptilian Boots.

The last option for you to have a stamina boost is by choosing these light armors: Khari Overseer Helm, Khari Overseer Mantle, Khari Overseer Bracer, Voidforged Dragonhinde Kilt, and the Silent Legion Light Boots.

Concussive Damage Stat

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To increase your concussive damage, you might want to consider choosing the Reinforced Skelos Cultist Hood, Reinforced Skelos Cultist Robe, Reinforced Skelos Cultist Handwraps, Reinforced Skelos Cultist Skirt, Reinforced Skelos Cultist Shoes.

Aside from this, you can also use the whole set of Yoggite Watcher to have a concussive damage stat buff.

Conan Exiles: Best Armor for Every Stat - Games Fuze (2024)
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